2015 fashion

we made new resolutions on new years. some time we want maintained healthy body, save more money, , it’s time for a new start. So why not use that fresh start to freshen up your wardrobe?

If making drastic changes to your closet isn’t in your 2015 budget – remember that savings account? – that’s okay. You don’t have to survive through one last major shopping spree to ensure you’re not living in 2014; all you have to do is make some key updates to work your wardrobe seamlessly into a new year.

Swap your white sneakers for basketball shoes

In 2014, classic white sneakers were everywhere, and suitable to wear with just about anything. This fashionable sneaker trend is a blessing, as it means you don’t have to wear teetering heels to look chic. And in 2015, trainers are here to stay – but you can upgrade the look with flashier basketball sneakers. Think Nike Air Jordans in still-neutral colors like white, black and gray.

Go for gingham in lieu of classic black

Gingham ruled the Spring/Summer runway this fall, and the checked pattern is classic enough to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe: just trade a black piece with a black and white gingham piece. Other colors will do, but the black and white is the easiest way to freshen up for 2015.

Boyfriend and skinny jeans ruled 2014, and in 2015, new styles of denim will pop up in street style posts. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Try denim culottes, worn here by We Wore What’s Danielle Bernstein (above), or the denim crop jean, which is a sophisticated, refined spin on the boyfriend trend. Denim is such an everyday staple, you might as well experiment with it.

Trade your gold jewelry for sparkling silver

Dainty gold jewelry was huge in 2014 – and the thin rings, pearl accents, and geometric shapes will still stay on trend in 2015. However, if you’re itching to go back to silver jewelry, sparkling platinum pieces will work their way back into style.

Resurrect your old polo shirts

After polos reached their peak when people started piling them on top of each other with layers of popped collars, the preppy Ralph Lauren staple is making a comeback. Designers sent styles of the collared shirt down the runway this fall, and this year, you can bust out your trusty polo while staying chic. Wear the shirts with maxi skirts, slouchy denim and wide legged pants for an updated look. And please, one polo at a time.

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